Welcome to the Alchemy Innovative SMS Platform

Why use SMS?

Despite a whopping 91% of adults having their mobile phone within arm’s reach at any given time of day, most Gambian retailers are not utilising the full potential of SMS to reduce operating costs, increase sales and improve customer relations.

Who are the users?

The SMS Platform can be used by different users for different things. It can be used as a platform to collect data from users of a specific system, users can query systems and get responses using the sms platforms, organisations can use the platform to disseminate information and also allow for two way traffic between organisations and its users such as; interactive games, game show voting etc.

Getting Started

Do you really want to advertise your business or institution? Well then register with us today to get started with our SMS Marketing Solution.

Our platform

Our customisable platform supports multi-channel services whilst providing the security, scalability and high availability that organisations require. This platform supports a wide variety of solutions, from traditional one-way marketing to two-way corporate communications, from HR to IT notifications and alerts that help optimise business operations. Please see our site

Why Choose Alchemy?

As a partner of all four GSM carriers in The Gambia, Alchemy provides the most comprehensive SMS platform available. Businesses and organisations of any kind can benefit hugely by utilising our unique solution as, by using our service, every single mobile user in the country is at your fingertips.

Our Partners

Alchemy is proud to partner with some of the most successful and visible corporations in the Gambia and around the world.