About Us


Alchemy Marketing is synonymous with innovation; its business inclinations are to create a cost-effective and smart communication environment that supports business innovation and time conscious service delivery at all levels. At Alchemy Marketing our approach to your operation is driven by our technical prowess and software development know-how. Our team have many years of experience in the provision of innovative IT and telecommunication based business solutions (Innovative SMS) IT design, commissioning and operation of Innovation IT and Telecom Platforms, giving us an in depth understanding of the issues faced by our customers and the steps that can be taken to resolve them.

Alchemy Marketing sees opportunities for creating value adding opportunities through a portfolio of innovative ICT business solutions—Innovative SMS platforms, Cheap International Call Routing, Call Centres, IVR, Virtual SIM cards and other smart ICT solutions to drive the cost of operating businesses down and increase revenue through our communication channels.

Many processes are complex. Defining cause and effect or quantifying the extent of problems is not always straightforward, but we have developed the tools to investigate and analyse all the key operating parameters for your facility. Using our expertise, we work with you to acquire a detailed understanding of your process and develop solutions to the problems that are having a negative impact on your efficiency and overheads. These solutions are delivered by our experienced and highly-trained operatives using advanced IT technologies and monitoring services.

Work is conducted according to a customised timetable of activity that we develop to ensure that you are always operating at peak efficiency. However, if you should have an unexpected requirement then Alchemy is the provider to offer a genuine rapid response service, allowing you to get back online as soon as possible and with minimum disruption.

Alchemy Marketing can help you:

Increase communication

Increase Profitability

Reduce operating costs

Improve overall business efficiency

Enhance sales

Our Systems

SMS Marketing Push

The SMS Marketing Push is something that is used solely by businesses or institutions who wish to advertise themselves. During this process, the firm or institution will send an SMS to the intended recipient in order to advertise, for example, a new product or an offer that has just been introduced.

SMS Marketing Pull

The SMS Marketing pull allows the customer to approach the business or institution through SMS. The customer will contact the business or institution in order to acquire information, promotional codes or to participate in games or competitions. The SMS marketing pull is, essentially, the exact opposite of the SMS marketing push.