Despite a whopping 91% of adults having their mobile phone within arm’s reach at any given time of day, most Gambian retailers are not utilising the full potential of SMS to reduce operating costs, increase sales and improve customer relations.

For retailers, and any other type of business, there are two huge advantages to using SMS. The first is that it is practically ubiquitous. Every mobile phone is SMS enabled and, as it is a basic function, you’d be incredibly hard pushed to find a mobile phone user who can’t operate it. Secondly, SMS is infinitely flexible. Underneath the relatively simple format, there is a myriad of possible uses that retailers could employ, not only to improve the overall customer experience, but also to improve communications throughout the company.

Here are few uses of SMS for enterprises:

1. SMS Marketing;

Mobile marketing is one of the most popular uses for SMS that retailers have and it always offer irrefutable opportunities for business to reach out and engage both new and existing clients. If you’re offering sale alerts, deals on products or simply wanting to get your name out there, SMS is the perfect tool.

2. Product recalls;

Not only is the open rate of text messages around 98%, but the open rate within just three minutes is upwards of 90% as well. This makes SMS the most effective method of getting urgent messages seen by customers and, especially, when it comes to product recalls. A bad batch of products, whatever your business may be selling, can cause untold damage to brand image and loyalty and so it is of the utmost importance that these products are recalled as quickly as possible.

3. Employee rostering and alerts;

SMS can not only be used to contact clients, but the high open rate makes it a great way to get in touch with your employees too. It’s very difficult to give your employees jobs face to face and, as we’ve already said, email isn’t even half as effective at getting the word out as SMS is. Therefore, text message are no doubt the best way of getting through to your workers as you can reach all of them at the same time and in very short order.

4. Internal IT monitoring;

In this day and age, an ever-increasing number businesses are relying more and more heavily on IT to grow and develop their firms. With that in mind, IT problems can be disastrous and so getting them fixed is incredibly important. SMS provides you with the opportunity to address these issues as quickly as possible as it allows you to alert the right people instantly so that they can take action.

5. Building your customer base;

Looking to grow your customer base and increase brand loyalty? Look no further than SMS. Research shows that customers are more willing to subscribe to loyalty programs and provide personal details when they receive a marketing push (be it a discount coupon, reward or anything of the sort) via SMS. This is yet another compelling reason for retailers to utilise the power of SMS as it allows firms to grow their customer base quickly and effectively.

6. SMS and Schools;

Surprisingly, SMS can also be incredibly beneficial to schools as well. Due to SMS’s high open rates, school closures, parent meetings, absent pupils and school fees can all be dealt with at the touch of a button.