Alchemy believes that we should offer best-of-breed technology at every level of our SMS/IVR infrastructure. Our secure cloud-based platform enables the intake, management and storage of data from multiple sources in multiple locations and multiple organisations. The elements of our fully-integrated service go far beyond just the connection. They include the gateway, secure storage, a control system that governs data capture, management and provision as well as application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable analytic software to connect and use data, this then enables analytics specialists to build apps. We recognise that the complexity of IoT can never be a one-size-fits all proposition.

As a provider of hosted solutions, we have seen a definitive upward trend in the number of enterprises that are moving away from premise-based deployments and outsourcing their solutions. As more IVR equipment comes to end-of-life, enterprises are increasingly deciding that they don't want to repurchase new equipment and continue to manage it. The investment isn't worth the cost. It makes far more sense to opt for softphone technology and monthly service payments. We also believe that as speech technology continues to improve and end users become more comfortable with using it, the need for enterprises to reduce customer service costs through self-service will, on the whole, continue to drive new adoption.

Cloud Environment

As a hosted or cloud-based provider, Alchemy provides all of the necessary hardware, software, and licenses for the SMS/IVR system. In a nutshell, our clients will have no capital investment in infrastructure, licenses, or technology.

Highly Scalable

Alchemy infrastructure scales with our clients. Should additional capacity be needed, Alchemy’s existing relationships with our carriers and vendors allows us to quickly scale up, therefore, clients should have no concerns related to capacity or scalability.

Secure Infrastructure

As a service provider Alchemy is responsible for maintaining security of data contained within any of our automated solutions. We have designed our facilities and hosted solutions to comply with GSMA and MEF guidelines and performance standards adopted by our clients.
Compliance department actively monitors all security compliance news and legislation to ensure our compliance where required and as agreed upon with our clients.

Guaranteed Uptime

Alchemy provides 99.97% uptime. Our data centers are architected with fully redundant infrastructures, and there is no single point of failure. Because we offer redundant, geographically diverse carrier-grade data center facilities, we provide the highest level of reliability and uptime availability in the industry.

Flexible Technology

Combining our core technology with our open-standards SIP-based hosting platform and the ability to backhaul calls over virtually any network, has resulted in an extremely flexible, globally extensible automated solution framework.

Dedicated Account Manager

All our clients are assigned a dedicated account manager, who is directly involved in every aspect of any solution deployment. The dedicated account manager will act as the single point of contact for all issues including billing, reporting, support, and maintenance of your solution. The account manager will also keep customers updated on relevant new product and service offerings.